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How To Pick Car Insurance Coverage

Even with the number of cars you have at your disposal, getting car insurance Coverage takes some research and skill. It’s important to know how to choose the right cars insurance that works for you.

Looking at your options and finding the right insurance company can help reduce your overall insurance cost. Once you can understand what makes premiums increase and decrease, you can compare policies and figure out how to save money.

Other types of Car Insurance coverage.

Extended coverage: talking to your insurance agent about added protection through an extended coverage policy.

Guaranteed Auto Protection (GAP): GAP insurance can help cover you if anything happens to your car before it’s paid off. With the average cost of new vehicles rising and loans lasting six or more years, GAP insurance is becoming more popular.

If you have an expensive new vehicle that gets totaled, your insurance company will only pay the actual market value. If that’s less than what you owe, you would need to pay off the loan. That’s where your GAP insurance would apply.

Mechanical Breakdown: people purchase mechanical breakdown coverage, which isn’t necessarily worth it. The upside to this coverage is it lets you choose where you want your car repaired, as long as the mechanic has a license.

OEM Endorsement: in case your vehicle needs parts, insurance companies usually authorize aftermarket only to save money. If you want original equipment manufacturer parts (OEM), you need to pay for them.

Be ready when shopping for Car insurance Coverage.
When shopping for a policy, it’s important to have information nearby including:
• VIN numbers for all your vehicle.
• Driver’s licence number for all parts.
• Estimate on how many miles you drive annually on each vehicle.
• Copy of current auto insurance policy if applicable.
• Estimates on your monthly and annual insurance premium.

It’s also helpful to have a copy of your state’s insurance requirements as well.

How to choose your Car Coverage and Deductibles.

Experian suggests finding the right balance with as much coverage as you can afford comfortably. When deciding which coverage and amount are best for you, consider your financial state. Do you own a lot of assets? If so, you might want higher liability limits.

When having a deductible in mind, consider your liquidity. Financial sites like the balance suggest asking yourself how much you can afford. Can you afford a $1000 deductible or more? If that right, opting for a higher deductible means you can save on your monthly premiums.

Consider a small repair under $1000. Incase you wouldn’t want to make a claim for that small amount? If not, consider the higher deductible and set aside the money you save to cover your deductible if needed.

Before purchasing a policy, consumer reports suggests looking for applicable discounts that can save you additional money, such as:
• Good Driver.
• Student Driver.
• Low Mileage.
• Anit- theft.
• Multi-car.
• Car Safety.
• Multi-policy.
• Occupational, professional. Etc.

All insurance company don’t offer the same discount, which is why you should take notes and compare policies. Investopedia recommends you shop around and request quotes from multiple insurance companies before buying so know which company ultimately offers the best coverage for your individual needs.

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